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Day 8 – 2nd Dec

Just to deter any complacency, we encountered 2 days of stormy weather. Winds up to gale force, constant rain and heavy seas helped to us see the other side of the ocean, mainly from peering through the hatch.

This was followed by headwinds, (hence the sudden change of direction for those looking at the location tracker), and another of very light wind. However we have crossed the line of the tropics, and it is hot!

The bimini (cockpit shade) has gone up, and we are waiting for more north-easterly winds to use the big cruising chute. So probably another slow day before we get the tradewind proper.

Life on board is not too tough at present, other than the banana-biased diet. These have ripened faster than expected, and there are many to eat. Oh well, only another 1824 nm, as the seagull flies, to St Lucia…

3 comments on “Day 8 – 2nd Dec

  1. Kate England
    December 2, 2013

    Well I guess you had to be stopped from falling asleep in the warm, comfortable weather and relaxing seas some how!! Glad its now calming down for you again and feeling nice though. Love you both lots and lots. Spokes are with Elaine. Thank you for the other bits and pieces too. xxxxx


  2. Cherry Priscott
    December 3, 2013

    Fantastic to have news of you – congratulations on fighting your way through the bad conditions and PRAISE GOD! Love u xxxxx


  3. Manny
    December 4, 2013

    Can you flambé the bananas? Do they go well with pollack?


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