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Hennops Trail

 DSC06508 (800x532)   Just outside Johannesburg, there is quite a well-known 4×4 playground in the bush. Having had a quick pitstop to replace a badly squeaking prop-shaft joint after Lesotho, and with a quiet day at hand, it was decided to go and have a play.

The first km from the gate was pretty innocuous stuff, but then came the first real test. 2 stationary vehicles gave the clue that this might be a bit of a challenge, and so it proved. Personally I would have been reluctant to take a nearly new Discovery 4 on this obstacle, not least because it was a climb through a rock/dust-filled steep gully and then up a step of nearly 1 metre to get out. After a bit of planning, the Disco eased impressively out, followed by the Jeep Wrangler. Big engines, auto transmission and traction control can deliver!DSC06487 (800x692)

The Beast does not have any of those features, and wheelspin soon coated the truck, us, and the nearby landscape with red dust. The heroic exit belied the number of attempts, and use of the front-mounted winch was only narrowly avoided. (It was a huge relief that Daniel was driving!).DSC06537 (800x532)

It was quite an education to see what these sturdy vehicles are capable of. More to the point, what your own nerves can take. After his major challenge with the gully, I was quite sure that I was being set up for failure when I came to a steep diagonal slope followed by a rocky staircase. However good instructions and steady nerve had the faithful Beast up the slope and jumping the steps. Phew!DSC06571 (800x532)DSC06546 (800x532)

Annemarie got more gullies and the water hazard to navigate before we reached the finish. It was a grin-filled run back J

One comment on “Hennops Trail

  1. Pat Westood
    October 18, 2014

    Looks as if you are having a great time!! Love Mum x


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