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A New Way of Life

After facing up to the options, the decision was to head to Martinique, firstly because of access to health facilities if it came to a serious problem, secondly for security of food supplies, and third because friends were urging us to join them!

The deserted town

So we rapidly departed from Dominica. Knowing that the clearance facilities would be closed in the northern port of St Pierre, we aimed for the capital Fort de France. Only to search for a couple of hours without finding any customs officers or clearance computers. Racing against a midday deadline for border closure, we tried every trick we could, but failed to get to St Anne in time.

It was an incredible relief to find the tiny bar with his official computer still open. Our prayers had been answered! But it is so weird walking streets with no traffic and no people. No noise, no music, nothing. Everywhere is closed except for authorized food shops, thankfully including the boulangerie!

But make no mistake, this is very close to house arrest. Venturing ashore, you have to carry a certificate to explain why you are out, food shopping being the main reason. Failure risks a heavy fine. From today, even walking the beach is banned.

As I write, there another 12 days of prescribed confinement, but it has now been extended until 15th April.

On the positive side, it is very peaceful and an opportunity to do some of the long list of maintenance jobs!

Stay safe friends, it is a scary world out there.

One comment on “A New Way of Life

  1. Lucy Cooper
    March 25, 2020

    Keep safe and look after yourselves. At least you have beautiful surroundings and lovely weather to enjoy.


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