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Day 53 and counting down!

After almost 8 weeks of lockdown, the French government has now announced relaxations to the lockdown! Hurray! Whilst all of us here have coped very well, the limitations on seeing friends has been hard.

The metaphorical ‘house arrest’ was really felt when my elderly mother became very ill (non-Covid) and died after a couple of days. Not knowing time was so very short, the immediate reaction was to research possible ways of getting back to the UK. But reviewing them in the cold light brought a stark conclusion. Even if I could get back, I would not be allowed in to see her, and instead would need to spend 14 days in confinement. That would create risk from the time traveling to both me and my family.

Returning here would be even more difficult with another quarantine in a government establishment. As it happened, I could not have got back in time, which eased the sense of guilt. This virus is cruel as so many distraught families are finding out.

The far better news is that acts of kindness are springing up everywhere. Most people are being much more considerate, let down only by the truly thoughtless. People have time to reflect on life, and to work out what really matters.

So let us be thankful for what we have, stay at home and stay safe. If the virus can be eliminated sooner rather than later, the world will have a better chance of a faster recovery to its new ‘normal’.

Ps. We now have 3 tomatoes in our little herb garden, completely by accident!

2 comments on “Day 53 and counting down!

  1. Anne Vestey
    May 8, 2020

    I am so sorry about your mother these are difficult times but at least as you say if you had gone home it would have made lockdown impossible for you both. Love to think you are growing vegetables at sea🍅 x


    • fb425
      May 8, 2020

      Thank you Anne. We think confinement here is as good as it gets, safe with few cases on the island, good access to food and medics as needed, and croissants and baguettes delivered to the boat most days! 😊


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