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Epupa to Spitzkoppe

The long dirt road route continued for many hours/miles. Eventually reaching Omanji, the glorious sight of a brand new fuel station appeared. Having filled up, it then transpired the card machine was not yet working, and we did not have that amount of cash. The ATM was not far away, but there was a long queue that took ages to diminish whilst ladies exchanged their life stories. Meanwhile, Annemarie was being mobbed by begging women outside the supermarket, and eventually took refuge in a shop by the car whilst they scrapped it out between them!

The next fuel stop was also testing when it was my turn to be mobbed by begging and trinket selling folk. Thankfully, we escaped and reached our night stop at the Porcupine Camp minutes later. This was at the basic end of basic, but the object of the visit was met at dusk when several porcupines appeared for their evening meal of vegetable scraps.

Another long drive took us to Swakopmund, the last 30 kms seeing the temperature drop from 30+ deg C to 14 deg! Wow!

This very Germanic coastal town has a charm all of its own, and with a great campsite, it makes for a great place to rest for a few days

On the way to Windhoek, we had to stop at Spitzkoppe, that fascinating outcrop of sandstone rock formations, before spending a couple of nights with Daniel and family in Windhoek. Sunset and sunrise are spectacular.

We stopped at a broken down truck that was pumping up a tyre, only to find it was the same one that had begged a can of diesel off us 2 days earlier!

Oh, and squiggly lines in the sand are snake tracks….

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