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Where next? Marie-Galante & beyond

IMG_1005[1].JPGGetting back on board seemed a bit strange for once. We were surprised by the number of things that had decided to stop working whilst we were absent, so it took a week before we were ready to head off. One pleasant surprise was meeting Keith and Pat off Cat Ion at Grenada airport. We met them on the same flight last year!

The original plan to head down to Trinidad and meet up with friends, but the maintenance took us out of time as we needed to be in Antigua by the end of November. So we managed to take a week after clearing out before we next cleared in at English Harbour on Antigua.

En route, we had a couple of days at Marie-Galante, (or Marie-Galette as it is locally known, due to being flat as a pancake!). It is an island that has been left behind, and makes Alderney look quite cosmopolitan. Hiring a scooter for a tour round did nothing to change this impression. It is still quite dependent on sugar cane production using hand tools and bullock carts just as a couple of centuries ago. The only difference being that the labour is now paid!

A really restful and delightful place to stop at, even if the customs have closed and there is no way to clear in/out. We could happily have stayed here for longer.

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