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What is it like to do a long bush trip?

There is a lot of planning, not surprisingly. Leaving aside the route and camp bookings, a good 4×4 is essential, like our Land Rover Discovery 4. It needs to have … Continue reading

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Onward to Maun

Leaving the park gate at Kaa behind, we had optimistically thought that the ‘road’ would then be rather easier. Not so, it was just as bad, and another long sand … Continue reading

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It is a long time since we last posted an update. In truth, there is not a lot to say when you are in a pandemic lockdown, other than you … Continue reading

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Day 53 and counting down!

After almost 8 weeks of lockdown, the French government has now announced relaxations to the lockdown! Hurray! Whilst all of us here have coped very well, the limitations on seeing … Continue reading

May 8, 2020 · 6 Comments

Day 20 of Lockdown

The restrictions seem to get slowly tightened around the Caribbean, with some islands being more draconian than others. Thankfully the Martinique Prefecture has been pretty practical so far, and our … Continue reading

April 5, 2020 · 2 Comments

14 Days into Sunny Lockdown

Usually we can use a launderette or local laundry service. The little washing machine we brought with us got chucked out last year because it used too much water and … Continue reading

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One Week on…

Our strange situation has become the same for many people in many countries now. Both the UK and South Africa have been put into lockdown, as have many other countries. … Continue reading

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A New Way of Life

After facing up to the options, the decision was to head to Martinique, firstly because of access to health facilities if it came to a serious problem, secondly for security … Continue reading

March 20, 2020 · 1 Comment

Les Chutes de Carbet

Much is made of these waterfalls, some of the highest around. Coming in a set of 3, the 2nd is the most popular attraction (110m drop) with its bathing pools, … Continue reading

May 24, 2017 · 3 Comments

A Girl’s Best Friend

Namibia is famous for its diamonds. In fact a large part of the country is ‘off-limits’ without a guide and a permit for fear that you might go off-piste and … Continue reading

April 26, 2017 · 1 Comment

A Profitable Death

Funerals in Ghana carry a different slant. If you are ‘someone’ this can involve taking out full page colour ads in the local paper, listing all the principal mourners and setting … Continue reading

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It is winter here in Johannesburg, and as I write the wind and rain is lashing the windows, we had hail earlier, there are snow warnings in the mountains, and … Continue reading

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Nature at its best…

There are dolphins,   and there are dolphins! At dusk off St Vincent, we were treated to a huge pod of these wonderful mammals, spread out over around half a mile. … Continue reading

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I know we have mentioned this before but… Johannesburg has a growing challenge with all sorts of begging at the robots (traffic lights). The presentation of their visual pleas ranges … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

Whilst South Africa ran away on holiday for two weeks, thanks to three public holidays in 10 days, some people were stuck with having to work through with just Good … Continue reading

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Unusual Luggage, escaping dinghy, and best laid plans…

One of the perpetual challenges for cruisers is electrical power. We all get a bit paranoid about leaving the lights on, even if they are all LEDs now. Then there … Continue reading

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Where next – Marie Galante and beyond

Getting back on board seemed a bit strange for once. We were surprised by the number of things that had decided to stop working whilst we were absent, so it … Continue reading

December 3, 2015 · 1 Comment


We were invited to a supper evening by friends from church. As it was not far away, no need for the satnav said Annemarie. The street was easy enough to … Continue reading

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Finding suitable words to describe this schizophrenic island is difficult. The eruption of the volcano in the late 1990s buried the capital under rivers of ash, burning everything combustible. The … Continue reading

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Visiting St Kitts

Only a few miles from Nevis, this island is part of the same former colony. The welcome could hardly have been better. Obliged to go into the tiny marina for … Continue reading

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We could not wait to escape St Lucia after having spent so much time in Rodney Bay last year. So almost as soon as Freebooter was lowered back into the … Continue reading

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The Murky World (or how to drop out)

What difference a few letters can make! If instead of typing to be bored rigid, try inserting instead. There you will be taken into an alternative world where … Continue reading

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After what seems like a very intense few months, our last weekend before heading back to Freebooter called for a local break. South Africa has many public holidays, almost always … Continue reading

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Xenophobia here in South Africa

A few words on the topic that has made world headlines. As ever, trying to find out the reality from the rumour and news headlines is not easy. What reportedly started … Continue reading

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While the Man’s Away ……

……. (Girls and Horses!) South Africa is a long way to come to receive an invitation to Twickenham, particularly during the Six Nations…., but so it happened! Meetings were hastily arranged … Continue reading

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