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After what seems like a very intense few months, our last weekend before heading back to Freebooter called for a local break. South Africa has many public holidays, almost always fixed by date rather than adjusting to suit the calendar week. This could be the exception, but having separate days off on both Monday and Friday in the same week makes for an evacuation of both offices and city. April is another ‘dead’ month as far as many employers are concerned!

Driving out to the Magaliesburg Mountains is a relatively quick exit route. What was surprising was to find such a tranquil guest lodge so close by. In a fantastic setting on the bottom slope of the majestic cliffs. After a superb supper and great rooms, the breakfast was suitable reinforcement for a walk up to the ridge. Walk is a misleading term, for it was a strenuous hike up ever-steepening rock trails making for a coronary-threatening workout.


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The lodge is just to the left of the tree.

The lodge is just to the left of the tree.

Back for our light lunch, the natives were soon peering at the kitchen window, and clipping the grass.

Is it lunchtime yet?

Is it lunchtime yet?

All packed now, about to head to the airport. This is a country that we are always sad to leave, and glad to return to.

Nyala helping themselves on the lawn

Nyala helping themselves on the lawn

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