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Making the Move….

Its now official, Steve is leaving his job on 8th April. After so many years of corporate life, this is the scary moment especially when you have been working for a great organisation. Ok, it is tempered by having committed to do some consultancy work for them over the next few months, but still, the safety net has gone. Just to hamper the preparations, much of that work will be outside the UK.

This has all come together so well that we just have to keep thanking the Good Lord for everything that He has made possible. That is a worthy of a blog on its own!

Annemarie is keeping going at work until Steve’s consultancy stuff is done.

Having talked to friends earlier in the year, they recommended joining Rally Portugal to make the trip down a bit more fun, and also to save some costs on berthing. So we signed up and now have to get to Plymouth by 2nd June. The big rush to get everything finished and loaded is now on!

Hopefully by then we will have some gizmos sorted that will enable a link to show where we are on Google Earth!

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