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Unusual Luggage, escaping dinghy, and best laid plans…

P1020356 (640x480)

Freebooter at sunset, (thanks Maia!)

One of the perpetual challenges for cruisers is electrical power. We all get a bit paranoid about leaving the lights on, even if they are all LEDs now. Then there is the fridge (24/7)…

Anyway, most of us have solar panels, wind generators and a petrol or diesel generator on board, the latter usually being run every couple of days. Given the declining cost of panels, we decided to install more, and bought some off ebay. Great, but they are the size of a small door, and now we need to get them to the boat. (They are way too expensive to buy locally).

Carrying the ‘door’ across London on the Tube was a non-starter, and one-way car hire was too expensive, so it had to be a bus! Then there was the minor challenge of getting the airline to a) accept it as luggage, and b) agree that it amounted to ‘sporting goods’. Success, thank you Virgin!

IMG_1562 (480x640)

The ‘Door”

Grenadian Customs were a nightmare, impounding the ‘door’ for paperwork and processing, but 3 days later, we introduced the panels to the boat. Now I am delighted to say that we do not need to use the generator for weeks at a time other than when using 240v equipment beyond the capability of the invertor. Green at last, (quietly ignoring our appalling carbon air miles L )

Back to the travels, we took an extended passage up to Antigua to meet friends, Stephen & Susan, Bob & Trish, from our village, and then were introduced to Skip and Madelaine on Saralane by our dinghy, (it went off for a wander whilst we were meeting the others). Thanks guys, you saved us some real hassle!

A few days later in Dominica, we met Pete and Anne on Maia, another Moody, and have spent the last few days in company with them, traveling down to Martinique. After a superb meal in Le Vieux Foyal, Fort de France, we were treated to what was probably a drumming competition in the park next to the anchorage. It was brilliant, at least for the 1st hour, but enthusiasm waned as time went on.., only for a sad drama to unfold as a helicopter and the pilot boat then spent around an hour searching our anchorage for a man who had not surfaced after diving off the dock. We joined in the unsuccessful search, but inevitably there is only so long one can look in such a small area.

And just to cap it all, we now have to cut short this cruise by 3 weeks 😦

More later



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