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14 Days into Sunny Lockdown

Usually we can use a launderette or local laundry service. The little washing machine we brought with us got chucked out last year because it used too much water and therefore did not get used. So now it is manual (or ‘pedantic’). Fortunately we have a small watermaker!

Having spent years getting a master’s degree in marine maintenance procrastination, I am working through the list of outstanding jobs. It adds variety and enables mutual sympathy on radio chats.

2 weeks into our current 30 day lockdown, life goes on. Trying to be realistic, the suspicion is that it will go on for rather longer than this until governments decide when it is safe to relax the restrictions. Whilst we try hard to comply with the regulations, like elsewhere, some people around us seem to think these do not apply to them. 😢. It just makes us take even more precautions.

What a great time to reflect on the meaning of life!

Take great care everyone.

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