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Day 20 of Lockdown

The restrictions seem to get slowly tightened around the Caribbean, with some islands being more draconian than others. Thankfully the Martinique Prefecture has been pretty practical so far, and our conditions are quite manageable.

With 10 days of the (current) lockdown left, the big question is “what then?”. Unfortunately the suspicion is it might be extended until the end of the month initially. So we still have no idea of when we might get to Trinidad for our hurricane season haul-out, nor if we would then be able to fly out from there.

Reading the news is a bit depressing, but the clear air and beautiful scenery put a different perspective on it. Our life on board is very peaceful, as it seems to be for most cruisers here. Being confined to such a small space could be a recipe for non-virus mortality otherwise!

Being in part of France, we are delighted to get a delivery of croissants and baguettes early each morning. A great start to the day!

We are, like so many, far away from our family. What would we do without the internet? It was so good to have a Zoom get-together with family in 4 different locations.

So please stay safe at home, wherever that might be, and may God bless us all.

2 comments on “Day 20 of Lockdown

  1. Lucy Cooper
    April 5, 2020

    I think you are lucky to be in such a beautiful place as I am lucky to have a garden. Some people here at home are being very selfish and not doing as we have all been told, now the powers that be are threatening a full lock down not allowing exercise etc, we will have to wait and see. Look after yourselves and keep safe, Lucy xx


    • fb425
      April 6, 2020

      The suspicion here is that the lockdown will get extended initially until end of April, and that the French government is going to implement mass blood testing starting next week.
      Please take great care of yourself as this looks like being with us for some time yet. Steve xxx


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