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One Week on…

Our strange situation has become the same for many people in many countries now. Both the UK and South Africa have been put into lockdown, as have many other countries. This is a global issue, with closed borders and communities terrified for jobs, businesses, health and their future.

Social Distancing for Cruising Folk

At the micro level, we are fine being well separated from others. Not least of this floating communities rationale for abiding by the regulations is that its average age is over the half century, thereby being a bit more at risk.

Aside from any other reason for pragmatism is that we have no choice. We are nowhere near our haul-out boatyard, and even if we could get to it, there are no planes. Rationally, we are safer here than any of the theoretical alternatives. So we just have to adapt to this new normality.

This is a good life, but we fear for others. In the townships and informal settlements of Africa, this could be devastating. The weaker and older folk could suffer very badly when this virus hits their communities.

With currently another 3 weeks of isolation, it seems fine, but there is no certainty that the period will not be extended. So let us take time to reflect on what really matters in life, and in our lives. France has announced mass testing to follow the lockdown, but no idea if this will apply to visitors.

May God have mercy on us all.

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