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We were invited to a supper evening by friends from church. As it was not far away, no need for the satnav said Annemarie. The street was easy enough to find, but up and down we went looking for the house number. It was apparent we were following a Mercedes doing exactly the same and it was very probably they were looking for the same place.

Well eventually we found the house entrance in a side street, by which time the Mercedes had gone off into the distance. At the house, we were greeted by a number of friends coming out through the garage mentioning car problems, just as the Mercedes arrived on the other side of the road.

Dawning realisation all round, the Merc was the visiting speaker’s wife who had thought she was being followed by hijackers, rang the house, who then rang security. The lady then spotted our car parked outside, and everyone fell about in laughter as they realised what had happened!

Such is life in SA….

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