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Bully on our doorstep

Hand it over!

Hand it over!


Star Wars Troopers

Star Wars Troopers

Anchored off Frigate Island, (part of Union Island), there was a very rare photo opportunity. Within a few feet of the boat, a brown booby had caught a fish for its supper. Quietly about to digest it, there was a sudden flurry of feathers as a frigate bird demanded the fish was handed over. Unable to land on water, these huge birds readily attack others in the hope they will accept defeat. This photo caught this discussion, just before the smaller bird gave up and allowed the bully to win!

The other photo is of a live sponge, the first we have seen. Most people have seen these in shops, but the live creature has a rippling skirt that shimmers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our anchor was well tested here. There was a stormy day with high winds and a lot of rain, during which a nearby fishing trawler went off on its own, dragging its anchor until well away. Fortunately a yacht crew alerted the locals and it was safely recovered, (well done James).

This was the only time since we have been out here that we were forced below decks to socialise! As ever, Ocean Rainbow was most hospitable.


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