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It is a long time since we last posted an update. In truth, there is not a lot to say when you are in a pandemic lockdown, other than you are alive and well. Our 18 months at anchor in Martinique was blessed in many ways. On a boat, you have limited mingling with others, and in truth, there was almost zero chance of getting Covid as there were negligible cases on the island until much later on. Communications were made over the marine radio, and Steve stepped up to the plate by volunteering to be a daily net (meeting) controller for the Martinique Cruisers net. That then extended into running a bi-lingual radio church with friends for the rest of the year!

Initially everyone wore masks and gloves to go ashore and wiped all our groceries, such was the fear from reading the news. Gradually reality crept in and life became much more balanced. We were able to enjoy French food and wine, and we had baguettes and croissants delivered to the boat each day.

2022 was a return to greater normality. Yes, masks were in use in many places, and travelling was still hampered by numerous health checks, declarations and PCR tests. But by the time we returned to South Africa in August, most countries had abandoned these.

The return to Cape Town was welcome in many ways. We had fleetingly visited in late 2021, only to have to escape on six hours notice after the UK government reinstated SA on the Red List. That involved panic-driven flight booking when prices and availability were changing by the second as many looked to do the same. After giving our food away, going for PCR tests, putting the car and trailer on blocks and packing up, we flew back via Addis Ababa and Vienna to London.

No matter, 2022 was better, and we were able to go on our twice postponed extended bush trip!

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