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Les Chutes de Carbet

Much is made of these waterfalls, some of the highest around. Coming in a set of 3, the 2nd is the most popular attraction (110m drop) with its bathing pools, etc. Not to say that the road up the 2,000 ft climb is steep, but turning the AC off in the Ford Fiesta helped! In 34 deg, visitors carried their bags up and down the hundreds of steps to see the falls and chill in the waters….. only to find that it is no longer allowed due to the danger of falling rocks. Something that they forget to mention when depriving you of the entrance fee…

But a walk in the rainforest is a welcome way to see another part of Guadeloupe, one of the more developed Leeward Islands.


By the way, the 2nd waterfall is only a 1.0m drop J

3 comments on “Les Chutes de Carbet

  1. Cherry
    May 24, 2017



  2. Dick McGowanj
    December 7, 2017

    So where are you now? We’re starting to plan for our winter adventure somewhere warm – maybe February.
    Dick and Elizabeth McGowan (sailed with you – St. Lucia – a few years ago)


    • fb425
      December 7, 2018

      Hi Dick. Sorry for the very very late response. 2017 turned out to be a bit of a nightmare with my elderly parents. And then 2018 was not too organised for the same reason, but we are hoping that we will have a full sailing season from January. Long apology, but I just plain did not look at the blog comments until now, 😦 We will be starting in Grenada and then heading north, probably to Antigua and maybe the BVIs, before turning back to Trinidad in May. How about you guys? All the best for a blessed Christmas. Steve


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