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Red Rock

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, Annemarie took this photo! These Herero ladies seek to show the traditional way of living, including grinding the red sandstone rocks to powder and then to paint their bodies and hair. They earn their income from tourists (like Annemarie) and sell the inevitable trinkets.

In this part of Namibia, people of all ages also try to sell tourists ‘gems’. These are chunks of varying sizes of coloured stone, best sold by leaping out into the middle of the road and flagging cars to a halt! Training starts at a very young age, and even grannie will wobble out waving her stick to get you to stop 🙂

So after a night at Brandberg mountain and a scramble up the rocks at Spitzkoppe, it was time to head back. We stayed the last night with Daniel and his family in Windhoek, visited Essie & Luke, (friends from Johannesburg), had a credit card stolen (ugh!), we then braved the 1,100km to Gaborone for another overnight, (including all 12 police roadblocks and 8 speed traps).

After a business meeting, it was back to Johannesburg. An amazing trip of some 5,500kms in 10 days.

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