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Nature at its best…

spinner-dolphin-jumpingThere are dolphins,   and there are dolphins! At dusk off St Vincent, we were treated to a huge pod of these wonderful mammals, spread out over around half a mile. But it was the 10 or so that came within 300mm of our bow, squeaking and playing as they weaved back and forth. Some jumped 1m or more clear out of the water, splashing and back-flipping.

Then there was one that came well out of the water, victory-rolling like a show-off stunt plane pilot. Much too fast for a camera, it was only later that we identified the well-named ‘Spinner’ dolphin. Oh wow, what a sight! (Sorry, but we can only show a library photo, they are just so fast!)

Climbing back on board after a café visit for wifi, there was a loud splash by the side of the dinghy. Oh cr*p! L What have we dropped now (last week it was a padlock)? Quick check of laptop rucksack, phones, etc, all present, phew!!!

….. and then a brown booby surfaced next to us, looking miffed about the fish that got away!

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