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South as far as you can go!

After spending a night at Swellendam, (great place, The Old Mill), we were rudely awakened by a car alarm going off  at 05.00. Yes, you guessed right, it was the … Continue reading

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……..and the carnivorous parrot!

No apologies for extending the comments over a few posts, for it was impossible to do justice to the topics in a single post (I tried!). After all the monkey … Continue reading

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A walk on the wild side….

With so much to see and do around Tsitsikamma, some measure of planning is needed. There are numerous wildlife attractions that could appear to be mini-zoos with all the negative … Continue reading

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Morgans Bay

This sleepy little hamlet is dominated by the noise of the constant surf. A shallow shelving beach of rock and sand makes for picturesque rollers. The highly recommended family run … Continue reading

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Drakensburg & beyond

After an exchange of emails with the next hotel that worried me we might have booked into Fawlty Towers (SA), it was a case of a long drive or long … Continue reading

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Together at last, and time to explore!

Having been apart for 5 weeks, Annemarie at last arrived in Johannesburg On Sunday. She could have come Saturday, but thought better of it when she learned that I was … Continue reading

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Springboks and a brush with The Law

For rugby fans everywhere, the name of Ellis Park is synonymous with some of the world’s best teams and matches. Let’s face it, the games do not get any bigger … Continue reading

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Chickens on Steroids…or the journey back

After a few days in Windhoek, it was time to head back. Out at 4.30am, fill up with fuel and wend our way out on the road through the surrounding … Continue reading

September 29, 2013 · 2 Comments

Are You a Vegetarian?

If you are, please exit this page IMMEDIATELY! You have been warned… The peoples of southern Africa are carnivorous, beyond all doubt. Meat is very dear to their heart, possibly … Continue reading

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For those with only a vague sense of geography, Windhoek is the capital of Namibia. In turn, the country is a former provice of South Africa, to the north and fronting … Continue reading

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And in-between……..

Readers will be aware by now of our somewhat nomadic lifestyle, whether sailing or not. Being involved in a project in South Africa has been an immensely interesting challenge, both … Continue reading

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