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The lighthouse at L'Agulhas

The lighthouse at L’Agulhas

After spending a night at Swellendam, (great place, The Old Mill), we were rudely awakened by a car alarm going off  at 05.00. Yes, you guessed right, it was the Crud. Clearly a passing sparrow must have broken wind and set it off, given that there was no other obvious reason 😦

Security is not in any event its strong point. One of the Crud’s ‘security features’ is that it takes 2 people to lock it. The key fob has a proximity sensor to allow you to press a button to kick the Crud into life. The same fob operates the central locking (with its blast of the horn), and has a ‘safety device’ that allows you to still open the doors until the fob travels some distance from the vehicle. You, or any passing light-fingered soul that is. So the driver has to leave someone by the car in a busy place until the Crud decides to lock itself and release your No 2 for other duties. Great technology (Not!), but the GM nerd that dreamed this up clearly had never been allowed out of doors! [RANT MODE OFF]

Anyway, more interestingly we got to Cape Agulhas, the true south point of the African continent, (not the Cape of Good Hope as is generally thought). As the official meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Annemarie just has to paddle either side of the mark to have been in each. Although the 2 have a near 10 degree temperature differential, she was sadly unable to tell the difference…..

Then it was off to the hotel near Gansbaai.

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