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……..and the carnivorous parrot!

DSC03741 DSC03793 DSC03807 DSC03816 DSC03823 DSC03826 DSC03834 DSC03842 DSC03849DSC03787 DSC03774 DSC03759 DSC03727 DSC03700 DSC03688 DSC03687No apologies for extending the comments over a few posts, for it was impossible to do justice to the topics in a single post (I tried!).

After all the monkey business, it was a visit to an incredible forest aviary. The scale of this has to be seen to be believed ( In truth, we were a bit sceptical about it before we got there, but then got blown away by the way it has been done and the variety of birds in it.

Again, all the birds are rescue cases, but the best description of it has to be the photos which speak for themselves. The flying fox was so much bigger than you expect, and the colours and varieties were just plain astonishing.

The whole set-up is just so brilliant, and a huge credit to the whole ethos of animal welfare and education of the public. And it was all built using local unskilled labour!

Oh, and the carnivorous parrot? Well, many of the bird have been rehoused, and a couple are still clearly attached to humans. Taking close photos was not sufficient attention for a firstly a parakeet (flew onto my shoulder and nipped an ear L), and later a parrot who flew onto my back, then took a chunk out of my arm. It can really p*ss you off to see a bird sitting on a fence rail a foot away chewing on the skin it has just relieved you of!!!

One comment on “……..and the carnivorous parrot!

  1. Hazel Gault
    October 20, 2013

    Noticed the Mandarin Duck. We saw a family of them on the canal a few years ago. Amazing sight.


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