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Whale Hunting

A Whale CrierShame on you those who expect unpleasant and gory content, for this is about feeding and playtime for the visiting Southern Right Whales. (By the way, apologies for my previous inaccuracy, the whales at Morgans Bay were humpbacks).

In Walker Bay, for some unknown reason (leaving aside the official ‘Whale-Crier’ in the next town), each year the females bring their newly born calves into the bay, right up to within 10-15 metres of the rocky shore. Aside from feeding, which one assumes they do, their time is spent frolicking and displaying various manoeuvres for the benefit of the modest number of photographers on the rocks. Staying at a waterfront hotel in Die Kelders, from early morning until dusk, time assumes an elastic concept for the beauty and joy of these huge mammals. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to convey their size and majesty in photographs. You just need to come and see it for yourself.DSC04294

A white youngster

A white youngster

Upside down - just chillin'

Upside down – just chillin’

Not the prettiest of sea creatures!

Not the prettiest of sea creatures!

Breakfast on the hotel deck was a nonsense, just because the camera interrupted any conversation or food, and even when we checked out and started to drive away on Sunday morning, we had to pull over and take some more. Some serious culling of all the photos is called for!

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