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Morgans Bay

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DSC02585This sleepy little hamlet is dominated by the noise of the constant surf. A shallow shelving beach of rock and sand makes for picturesque rollers. The highly recommended family run Morgan Bay Hotel is right on the shore, and from the deck outside the room, it is only metres to the water. The staff look after you very well, especially the chef!

If there was ever a place to have to sit at the laptop doing some real work, this is as good as anywhere. Colleagues ringing in get the sound of the surf as background music, with predictable comments! And then there are the whales. We lost hours watching and photographing the Southern Right whales crashing their fins and raising their tails as they brought their young in to feed.

We had a great hike along the cliffs and shoreline to Double Mouth and back, in an attempt to walk off some of superb 4 course dinners. The scenery and geology is simply amazing.

After chilling out for a few days, the time eventually comes to move on. My protests at lugging the shipping container in and out of every room resulted in some serious repacking last night and my overnight bag was going to have to serve both of us. Great in theory, until all my clothes went AWOL…. Further domestic discussion took place!

Then it was back to the Crud to head down the coast to Tsitsikamma on the N2 with all its roadworks. Closing on Port Elisabeth, sandstorms across the road were challenging and refuelling was a 2 man exercise. Just to make it easier, it then started to rain hard.

During one of the downpours, the Crud’s windscreen wiper tried to make a bid for freedom, fittingly just at the turn-off for Clarkson! Waiting by the side of the road for the rain to ease, one reflects on how the hire companies hoodwink their victims. You select a car such as a BMW 320 (or similar) , pay for it and it is only on collection that you find the ‘or similar’ is an unheard of Procton Azalea. ‘But sir, they protest, it has 4 doors and 4 wheels and an engine; it is therefore similar’!

Anyway, reverting to motorbike thinking, it was now a case of driving at a suitable speed (fast) until the rain streamed off the Crud’s screen without using the wipers. 😦

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