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End of an era

The day finally came to finish salaried corporate life! Inevitably there were mixed feelings, mainly of excitement and intimidation. Whilst the break from the daily activity is easy to shed, walking away from your colleagues is not. I have been so very fortunate to work with a really great group of people, sharing their trials and tribulations. Receiving their good wishes, (tinged with some envy at our hopes), reinforces the sense of severance.

So now no need to set the alarm for 6.00 am, but no time to lie in with that long list of final preparations! This last weekend has been hard work with 3 days of training courses. Starting with Ocean Safety, then Sea Survival, and finally First Aid. The overwhelming conclusion is that you need to do everything you can to prevent any situations arising.

Its not a total break from work as I will be staying on as a part-time consultant in connection with a project in South Africa. That is exciting in itself, but coupled with the sailing makes for a major lifestyle change! Watch this space……

One comment on “End of an era

  1. David Kerry
    May 30, 2013

    The BHS will miss Annemarie. However, I am sure I speak for everyone there, when I say that we wish you both a wonderful trip(s) and hope you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

    Kind regards



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