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Entering Dartmouth

Most sensible folk would think of a sail from Lymington to Dartmouth as a simple days passage. Especially at the end of May with the country having reasonably pleasant weather.

The reality can be slightly different. We always prefer to arrive in daylight where possible, and so with the tides and weather taken into account, we left at midnight, after less than 2 hours sleep! There was almost no wind, so we had to motor all night until we were able to sail around 0730 this morning.

Approaching Dartmouth, there was heavy rain that hid the entrance until the last few minutes, opening up the welcome view of this delightful harbour. Of course one nice point is that it is one of the few places one can anchor in the river right at the centre between Dartmouth and Kingswear. The anchor went down at 1330, right on the theoretical plan time!

One comment on “Dartmouth

  1. David Kerry
    May 30, 2013

    Anchor? Well, there you go. Get rid of that and you’ve solved you Paranoia problem. Knew I’d find the answer in the end.


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