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P1000336 IMG_5436Our first port of call on a different continent! Mohammedia is effectively North Casablanca, and is commercial port. The facilities there are confined to a yacht club with 2 small pontoons. However these are normally full, so we were unable to get a berth there and anchored just outside the harbour. No problem, (no charge!), but equally it made the planned trip to Fes impossible 😦

To go ashore, you have to cope with the paperwork….. That means police, customs and immigration. There are no computers, and so each official needs all the forms completed by hand, each a pretty faithful repeat of the previous. The officials are very friendly, but the process is time consuming.

Did I mention we had company on this visit to Morocco? Annemarie’s sister Suky and her son Max were brave enough to sign up for 10 days. Something of a jump into the deep end given that the first passage was 220nm from Lagos (Portugal) to Mohammedia!

Wandering into town, there were numerous pavement restaurants with fish being cooked over charcoal fires. It had to be done! Picking out 4 bream, we sat down and waited. First came a loaf of bread, each, with a tomato and onion salad, followed by a plate of grilled sardines. Now I would never normally eat sardines, but these were a sort of obligatory starter, and eaten with your fingers. Piping hot, the unbelievably fresh and tasty flesh fell away and just leaps into the mouth. So good that the bream seemed almost superfluous. And all for about £16 for 4 of us!

Anyway, after a couple of nights there, it was off to the next port.

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