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Sailing the 200nm down to Agadir was further than we had intended to do for the next hop. However we had heard that Safi and Essaouira were both small and very busy, so it made sense to accept the 2 day passage. Miles offshore, we came across a fishing boat, and negotiated the exchange of some fish for refreshment! The fishermen were so enthusiastic that they just kept lobbing their catch onto our foredeck. Bream and similar were very welcome, but the ling and the octopus were declined!

Agadir is a well-known package holiday destination, and is blessed with having a nice modern marina. This is surrounded by a very cosmopolitan range of shops and restaurants, probably in total contrast to the rest of the country. The city’s more modern style and sprawling layout mask tragedy. In the 1960’s, a huge earthquake flattened the original, causing over 18,000 deaths and putting reconstruction beyond reality. The ruins were bulldozed over, and a fresh start was made. For miles spreading out, there are incomplete apartment blocks, testament to the recent financial bubble hitting here as well.













You can just see the remains of the old Kasbah (fort) at the top of the hill.

We would normally welcome every opportunity to spend nights at anchor, but it is not quite so simple in this country. Visiting yachts are not common, and with extensive coastlines, the authorities are concerned to prevent drug trafficking wherever possible. In addition, there are unmarked military installations to add into the mix, such that prudence dictates requesting permission wherever you are thinking of anchoring.

Settling down to lunch at a nearby eatery, we watched in amazement as a couple on a jet ski enthusiastically ‘buzzed’ the marina. However the staff were quick to react, and the miscreants were astonished to be captured, towed to the side and set upon by numerous officials. Machine impounded, they were led away by the police. Yes, that is a policeman standing next to his police car!!!!





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