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Day 12 – 5th Dec – Empty Sea

One question that is frequently asked is ‘what is it like out there?’ Now we like an enormous can make a few comments. In calm weather, it is a gigantic infinity pool, because there is no visible end to it. Clouds seemingly rise out of the water, the sun is reflected in crystaline waters, and glitters at night with the stars. You get to see the celestial sky in its full glory with zero light pollution from man.

We have not seen another boat for about 4 days, although there was one light in the distance a couple of nights ago. As I write this, we are just clicking onto 1,500nm to St Lucia, having already sailed nearly that far since leaving the Canaries. However we are struggling to make good speed due to the very light winds. The forecast is for nearly no wind for the next few days… By the time you read this, the first of the huge racing boats will have already arrived at the finish. No matter, it is so beautiful out here, and tomorrow might be the time for a swim!

Dorado for supper again tonight! Annemarie let the line out and nothing bit for ages. To rub it in, there was a dorado swimming along at the surface at the stern where we were trailing a mesh bag to clean it! Anyway, about 30 mins later, supper was hooked.

4 comments on “Day 12 – 5th Dec – Empty Sea

  1. Cherry Priscott
    December 6, 2013

    Excellent news and hope for a good wind to speed you on your way – much love to you both – Cherry and Paul xx


  2. T Kathirasoo
    December 9, 2013

    Yo Freebooter,

    Yes but what is it like when its not like a millpond? Good to hear from you guys and clearly the fish just leap out of the sea for Anne- Marie! Yellowbrick places you slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic tracking for St Lucia. BTW – Very hot here in the tropics also – heading back in just over a week from now

    Love TnY

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. eric
    December 11, 2013

    glad to see that you are well go on to sainte lucie and many good fish for anemarie


  4. Suky Skinner
    December 13, 2013

    You’re such a poet. It sounds magic though I don’t underestimate the hardship. LOads of love xxx PS as I write this you have only 500nm to go!


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