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Palais de justice

Palais de justice

La Biblioteque

La Biblioteque

Caribbean Tea Dance

Caribbean Tea Dance

IMG_5942With a few hours to kill before the ferry sails, a wander round Fort de France was appropriate. In total contrast to yesterday, the shutters were up and the town was alive. ( The sheep on the cruise ship yesterday must have been bored stiff !)

The town is a curious mix of colonial and ?. The 2 most interesting buildings are the library and the cathedral that were brought here flat-packed. Unlike the average Ikea kit, these look to have been a mix of cast-iron frames and infill panels of some other material, and were successfully put together.

Anyway, manfully resisting the dubious charms of Macdonalds, KFC and Subway, we strolled around and ended up at the demanded time for the ferry. Quite why this had to be 90 minutes before a sailing of the same duration beats me! So back to Castries, and the minibus to Rodney Bay.

Now to the tricky bit. Once we have paid the marina and a couple of other bill, cleared customs, etc, we have to sail sans moteur back to Martinique. Getting out of the marina is one challenge, but should be ok with a bit of help to get off the pontoon. The forecast is good for a crossing tomorrow, but then it gets progressively more difficult. We will have to beat up the narrow bay with its reefs and channels to the town anchorage. I am really not looking forward to this……….

3 comments on “Back and Forth!

  1. Thiaga
    January 2, 2014

    Ooooooooer! Words like narrow, reef, sans moteur etc are not words I like to see in one sentence! Won’t the chandler in Le Marin come and get Freebooter fettled where you are now? Very poor customer service in my opinion. Good job the weather is going to be kind……


    • fb425
      January 2, 2014

      The chandler has been very helpful, but they are in Martinique and Freebooter is in St Lucia, 26nm away. Getting to the bay should not be a problem, hopefully, it’s just getting up to the marina…….


  2. Doreen Clarke
    January 3, 2014

    The picture of you Annemarie and Steve the pair of you look amazing, contented and most of all so much in love. I wish you both All the best in 2014 🙂 xx


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