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image image Life is not all about swimming and sightseeing, the daily chores still need to be done and there is more maintenance needed on a boat when you live on it. Clothes and sheets demand a wash session every few days, even if it is mainly T-shirts and ‘smalls’. A trip to the shops every few days for food, and then we get to marine matters. The climate warm water encourages organic things to grow, and I don’t just mean waistlines! However having now made reference, They have to be monitored, as Annemarie constantly reminds me. It is all too easy to become lazy (same comment applies). Actually I was really referring to marine life. Despite our copper anti fouling and ultrasonic deterent, growth seems to jump on and cling to the hull even when underway. That means a few hours snorkeling to wipe the critters off every few weeks. And today’s task was to clean the holding tank….. Not a job for the faint-hearted, but also thankfully a rare requirement. The tank gauge had ceased to read, and overflows are not something you want to contemplate. So just a case of unscrewing the back of the cabinets, taking the hatch off the tank, and then rushing for fresh air! Never mind, it only took a couple of hours, and ensures we avoid polluting pristine bays. Parts break or wear out, fact. Parts are not that easy to find, fact. Even a small broken piece of plastic can limit your sailing, so self-help is often the order of the day. For the last 24 hours, I have been trying to glue repair a reluctant broken piece of plastic guide. My 3 types of glue have all failed, so now to hunt down some more. The good news is that the election was yesterday. Saturday was an assault on the ears, with the constant harassment by the vans and their PA systems continuing throughout the day right up to the stroke of midnight. Peace has now been restored. Now, time to head off in the dinghy for that snorkel……. Ps. Oh nooooooo, last week’s election was apparently just the first round of polling. We are once again besieged by the almost rabid screeching of shrill exhortations to attend nightly meetings. No wonder the turnout is reported to be an all time low!

One comment on “A Day in The Life of…….

  1. Derek Bretherton
    April 2, 2014

    Tough life hey! Good to here you are having a great time though, very jealous…


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