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The Beat


No doubt you have all experienced a car passing, often driven by a youngster from a minority background. Side windows all down, and the front and rear screens flexing mightily under the megawatts of music being delivered by the sound system. Some of these are so powerful that the engine power must be sapped dramatically, or they are running a generator.

Quite aside from the devastating effect this must have on the quality of driving, or the physiological damage being done to the remnant of humanity behind the wheel, you see pedestrians flinch from shock waves of sound passing. Traffic lights become the new torture venues.

And yet why is this so. One answer could lie in their ancestor countries. Music in the West Indies cannot be heard apparently at less than 3 million megawatts, and with the level of competing sources in the villages or resorts many nights, must account for a high percentage of the national power consumption.

Last night, there were 3 competing sources. The nearest was a case for calling in Amnesty International for clearly there was multiple torture in progress. The singer evidently had delicate parts of his anatomy being horribly squeezed, and the audience must have been handcuffed to their benches. Shouts of ”come on’ were clearly invitations to surrender!

And then there was the harm being done being inflicted on the memory of good music. Fortunately neither Bob Marley nor some of the ancient crooners were around to hear the abuse of their hits.

Pick a quiet anchorage on Friday and Saturday nights…….. or the Song Strangler may visit………

(Ok,, so we had a noisy night last night, it is not normally as bad)

2 comments on “The Beat

  1. Manny
    April 11, 2014

    Complaining about noisy music? Showing our age are we? 😉


  2. fb425
    April 12, 2014

    Last night we saw one of the local music machines in wheels. It had BIG speaker boxes fixed on frames facing each rear side window. Go cruisin’, wind down dee windows and everbodee within 5 miles has one great party!!!


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