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A Caribbean-style journey


In case I had forgotten to mention it, life runs at a different pace in the Caribbean. The journey back started with the failure of the online check-in system. After 5 separate attempts, managed to update system for new passport. However abject failure to get through rest of process. Hmm. Then there was the non-appearance of the hotel’s courtesy taxi. No problem, find another, get overcharged but no option at this point 😦

At the airport, we agree to pay extra for more legroom, but the computer at the desk is out to lunch. 40 mins later, we get to the front of the queue, but the machine is now having a post-lunch nap.

Eventually it agrees that payment will be accepted, but now the card machine has fallen asleep and even after 10 mins, it cannot be woken. Use last of cash reserves as alternative.

Wait 15 mins whilst the nice staff try to establish if we are allowed to use the private lounge – we are, so we get a buggy ride to the private terminal.

Then there is a query with one of our checked bags. Buggy ride to the baggage area. Apparently it was the engine water pump and contactor that did it, (never mind the circular saw!).

Buggy ride back. Onto plane. Plane now has paperwork query, resolved after nearly 30 mins delay.

Take off! But before we get too excited, the flight is only 29 mins until we land at St Lucia. Stays down on the 2nd bounce! Change flight crew, load more passengers, and at last, nearly 5 hours after leaving the hotel, we are finally heading for London.

There were a couple of positives, the nice airline staff who came on board to give us duty-free vouchers for our inconvenience, (shame there was no Jamesons Reserve on board….)  Then there was the surprise of a very nice large glass of champagne just before the meal 🙂 IMG_0767[1] IMG_0773[1] IMG_0779[1]

It helped to mitigate the distraction of the very noisy neighbour whose voice continued to rattle even over the top of the film sounds despite the headphones.

In a multi-cultural transposition, London Gatwick aspired to meet its Grenadian cousin’s high standards. The new 15 lane automatic passport check was in operation, but was immediately reduced to just 3 lanes by the staff as soon as they saw the influx, thus building up the queue to match that of the manned check desks.

Then the baggage was given a tour of the airport, only being disgorged onto the belt at least half an hour after landing……

Ho hum, it was nice to collapse at home 22 hours after the journey started!


One comment on “A Caribbean-style journey

  1. robcourt
    July 2, 2014


    Glad you’re back safe after what seems like an interesting journey. Love reading your blogs, well done for keeping them coming. We will be back at my mums house on the 26th if you’re around and want to pop over for a coffee.

    Take care, Rob



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