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  DSC06385a (800x532)So leaving Oxbow early it was again long climbs up the passes, first Moteng and then Molomong. At this time of morning, it was so cold at their peaks of 3,400m/11,000 ft, but the scenery is just so stunning. The vastness of the scale of the landscape defies description. By now we have simply run out of superlatives, just letting hundreds of photos record our journey. The road wind away tens of miles into the distance, visible as a ribbon cut into the mountains.Again the route is being upgraded, with only admiration for the Chinese engineers and their skills. The challenges of building routes here in such a forbidding environment are immense. The roads are long, with few towns and little traffic. And yet like everywhere else in Africa, there are people just walking, out of sight of any habitation.DSC06452a (800x532)

Having set out at 0600, we were surprised to reach the Sani Pass way earlier than expected. So we stopped by at the hotel at the very top of it and enjoyed hot drinks at the Highest Bar in Africa. The downward journey was much easier and quicker, at least for some. For when we stopped at the South African border post, we met a group of motorcyclists, one of whom had damaged his bike in Lesotho. No great surprise there, but what was astonishing was that he had just descended the pass completely without any brakes!

R.I.P.  A sad end...

R.I.P. A sad end…

Overall a brilliant trip, thanks Daniel, with stunning scenery and seeing a much less developed society. One simply runs out of superlatives, but progress is marching on. The limited road network is being upgraded which will make travel so much easier, but in doing so will change the experience for the visitors. Fortunately there is no sign of tarmac just yet on the South African side 🙂

Our early than expected return meant we could head back to Johannesburg that evening, a day early, allowing me to get to Sandton station to meet Annemarie! Brilliant to be together again!

I'm pleased to be here!

I’m pleased to be here!

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