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Okavango Delta


After yet another very early start, we drove up into the Okavango to stay in the Moremi reserve. The Third Bridge Camp is a very long way in, and it should have taken around 4-5 hours on the rough sandy tracks. One wrong turn quickly undid this plan, with us later beaching the Freelander on a high bed of very loose sand. After trying a number of ways of extricating ourselves, the solution was to lift the car with the air-jack and insert sand ladders. A rapid learning curve on how to use the kit we had bought!

The wrong turn also brought about water crossings, hippos and crocodiles before a river too far forced us to retrace. By the time the camp was reached, it had taken us some 7 hours…..  Anyway, the paint-shop should be able to sort the scratches and the missing bit of plastic.

DSC09019 (640x425) (2)

Having already seen elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and myriad smaller bock, the game drive with a guide added a pack of wild dogs that had just killed and eaten an impala (see photo), hyena and a lioness. But the stars of the day were the elephant roaming the camp, with them coming within about 3m of us! Taking photos from inside the ‘hide’ (roof tent) was quite an experience from that close. They don’t like the camera noises and it was a case of frantically trying to silence it!

The drive back to SA was uneventful, apart from getting lost in Francistown (the road system is being redesigned, but you don’t expect the traffic to swap sides of the road), being eventually let off by the police for speeding (fair cop this time), and a night at the Nata Bird Sanctuary (a solitary duck on the salt pan)….

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