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Dilemmas in Paradise

The coronavirus is causing huge worry and disruption globally.

General opinion is that we are well out of the firing line here. But that is not to say we are unaffected. The islands are rightly getting paranoid about protecting their people, and placing restrictions on visitors. So there are real risks of refusal of entry by virtue of places one has been to, or even just by passport alone.

In the worst case, one might leave an island only to find you cannot enter the next, nor even come back.

In an ideal world, the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe would be the ones to be trapped in, but we need to get into Trinidad ideally around June, which is one island blocking all visitors from France, amongst other countries. If we can’t haul out in time, our insurance will not cover us for hurricane season.

The planned visit back to the UK has been cancelled, both for the risk in traveling by plane, train and underground, but also for not being allowed to rejoin the boat. Not only that, but we are now blocked from returning to South Africa until further notice.

None of this compares to the worries back in Europe, for family and friends, but there can be few untouched one way or another by this virus.

So dilemmas. Whilst the temptation is to just carry on as usual, prudence might dictate otherwise…..

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