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Ngepi River Lodge, on the bank of the Kavango river, (think Okavango), is a quirky and fun camp. One notable feature was the river swimming pool in a submerged cage to stop hippos and crocs!

////////// … and yes, A did visit all the loos

A sunset boat trip was full of life, including too many hippos to count. As a point aside, without any natural predators here, the population may become unsustainable.

The buffalos were too far away to photograph, but the real joy was to see the scarlet bee-eaters nesting in the river bank.

[Crocodile tag?]

I will have a little rant here! The WWF keeps trying to tug at our consciences by pressing for donations to save elephants. You know, tv adverts inviting you to adopt an ellie and get a free cuddly toy in return for you donation. But the truth is that there are way too many elephants for the land available, and again with no predators, the population just grows. The WWF is being totally misleading and dishonest in some of its fund-raising.

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