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Day 3- ARC Portugal

A cracking day’s sail! Stayed on a single course for the last 24 hours with only minor tweaks for the wind, and maintained great speed throughout. We only saw one ship and a yacht in the distance heading North until the evening. However the highlight had to be the dolphins. Late afternoon, a large pod came up and played around our bows, including mothers and young. They weaved enchantingly within centimetres of the boat. Hopefully we can get a photo up later.

As the sun rises on Day 4,we have just sighted another Rally yacht, Ocean Trilogy (if the AIS is correct), the first since Monday.

Only 108nm to our next waypoint off the tip of Spain! So hope to see lights tonight, and get into the marina tomorrow.

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This entry was posted on June 8, 2013 by in England to Portugal.
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