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Day 4-ARC Portugal

IMG_4996 Following seasAnd the day started so well, with the usual dawn and good wind, albeit with a largish following sea. Strange, but photos never quite reflect the reality of the sea rising up and the horizon disappearing. But by early afternoon, the wind gradually reduced. Up went the chute to make the most of what was there, but a couple of hours later, it had completely died away and the sea was flat oily calm. With the prospect of the coast of Spain coming ever closer, the decision was taken to turn on the engine.

As the evening came, there was a sudden strong wind from the South West (ie, head-on) and the sea got rough. This was probably a combination of wind against tide, and the marked change of depth from the 4000+ metres of Biscay to the few hundred off Spain. In the dark, the bow plunged and rose with sufficient strength to snap the small steel cable that secures the anchor. This led to some uncomfortable minutes spent re-securing the anchor whilst attempting to keep the boat as steady as possible in the 2m waves.

Annemarie having (wisely/unwisely?) been on deck in full waterproofs, unlike me, volunteered to go forward to do the securing, whilst I took the curses for not being able to provide a stationary platform for the task. She did a grand job!

We had taken the decision to both stay on watch as we came closer to the coast due to the number of fishing boats. These were infuriating due to their random direction. No sooner do you change course to avoid one than it changes also to maintain its function as a potential collision.

Anyway, we got round Cape Finisterre, with all its dire reputation for strong winds and unhelpful conditions, and started down the coastal run to Bayona.

Getting close!

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