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Ever tried working out how much food you need in a month, on the basis that you will never get to the shops? It is not too easy! Reducing the assumptions to a list of foods/quantities and then heading off to the supermarket results in a mountain of food that then needs to be stowed. Oh, and that is not including the final fresh and frozen food that we will have to get delivered on Saturday…

It is a case of utilising every nook and cranny, even under the cabin floor. The next problem arises when you cannot find something, like the fittings for the satellite phone that we spent hours searching for this morning. We have a list of what is stored in which location, but that only works if the parts are listed 😦

Reluctantly accepted parts seriously AWOL, so had to buy another fitting at €70 😦 😦

You know what comes next…… many hours later when looking for something else in a different place…. 😦 😦 😦

One comment on “Vittles

  1. fb425
    November 20, 2013

    Umm, you know what it’s like when you find a good place to stow something, ……… and then forget all about it a few months later!! I admit to being totally guilty. Why didn’t I even think of checking that locker when we’d both turned the boat upside down looking! Ah well, we are one all now as I found the international SIM card squirrelled away. Thank goodness that neither of us is counting and the missing things appear eventually!

    The seminars here are amazing, and range from sending you into panic mode that your rigging is going to fail and the mast topple, to how to keep food fresh, the route we are likely to take and the weather, satellite communications, rally comms, downwind sailing,,and of course the joys of St Lucia, We have had two days of talks, so look forward tomorrow to seeing more of Las Palmas when we head for the market and some of the other shops.


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