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The ARC Rally sees various changes in Las Palmas. With so 250 extra yachts in the harbour, it attracts all sorts of animal converge to try and seek passage. These range from the genuinely competent ocean sailors to the very unwelcome.

You would think that such hopefuls would present themselves well, and at an appropriate time. Initiative is evident, from the notices on the numerous pinboards to the wearing of ‘crew available’ T-shirts. However, the elderly man dressed as Haiwatha in tights at a drinks event was hardly likely to be let on board any yacht, nor was the barefoot drifter in dreadlocks with studs in both cheeks.Perhaps the short chap in a blond wig and a pink flamenco dress may have had more luck….

Worse were the multi-legged hopefuls. Some friends reported cockroaches seeking passage with determination. One creature was sent flying into the harbour, only for it then to swim determinedly back to the same boat and start climbing the mooring line!

1 week to go before the start. Now time to buy all the food, spare gas cylinders and final bits and pieces, and also to complete any maintenance items.

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