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Sailing to the start

imageAfter a wearying journey with all the gear, it was so good to be back on Freebooter! A quick visit to the adjacent supermarket to start the provisioning, with now just the minor matter of finding space to put everything. Chaos below is the order of the day.

It seems ages since we were last here, (only 8 weeks), but it still takes a while to change a few halyards around and refit the sails, switch everything on and start doing all the checks.

With the misbehaving seacock now replaced, and the hull pressure-washed (unbelievable growth here in only 2 months!), it was time to head for Las Palmas to join the Rally. The ARC is an annual transatlantic gathering in which some 250 boats sail loosely in company. Having sailed into the gathering this morning, the build-up starts. There are loads of seminars to join in, from provisioning to astro-navigation.

The excitement (and apprehension) builds!

2 comments on “Sailing to the start

  1. Derek Bretherton
    November 15, 2013

    Have a fantastic safe crossing and I am glad you enjoyed South Africa


  2. Cherry Priscott
    November 16, 2013

    Love the updates – love you both xxx


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