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Signing out of Las Palmas!

Christopher Columbus Museum

Christopher Columbus Museum

With the last shopping done, we head out today on the big one. The first challenge is already heading our way with a high pressure system blocking our route, meaning negligible winds for several days.

Close attention is being given to every source of data to try and plan our way round this.

Friday night was the final social, hosted by the Tourist Board and the Real Nautico Yacht Club at their very posh clubhouse. The food and drink were spiced up with some exotic dancers and a band, with fireworks in the background.

At the same time an unusual cruise liner departed, four-masted with its sails unfurling as it left. Quite a sight!

If this is the last blog entry for a few weeks, it means that the tenuous posting via long-range radio did not work! The Yellowbrick tracker is now live, and our (slow) progress can be follow individually via the link on this blog, or via the World Cruising Club ARC 2013 website where all the boats will be shown. {Nb, this is not the ARC+ rally that left acouple of weeks ago).

To everyone that has sent messages wishing us well, many thanks, they have been much appreciated.

One comment on “Signing out of Las Palmas!

  1. Thiaga
    November 25, 2013

    The flotilla is making the ocean look untidy! Can you get them all to lineup, line astern please! Yellowbrick working well with a virtual Atlantic on my iPad even here in Singapore.


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