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Day 6 – Friday 29th

Whilst eating supper on Wed evening at sunset, we were treated to a real show. A shoal of large fish, each about 1 metre long, came close and were leaping out of the water. Some just crashed down on their backs, whilst others arced up to about 2 metres clear of the surface. We are not sure what species they were, but suspect something like tuna, because of their dark upper bodies, light lowers and very pointed tails.

The first fish was also landed that night, not as a result of Annemarie’s skills with rod and line, but of its own accord. The flying fish was just laid out by the toerail at the stern in the morning. Anyway, that was enough encouragement for her to try out her new magic lures as we trolled along under engine, and soon after we had dorado for supper!

Last night was a stunning sail, forging ahead fast with glittering water around us. Having seen 3 boats yesterday, nothing to be seen this morning. We are broadly 280nm due north of Cape Verde heading southwest as much as we can. This is not least to avoid a storm building to the north.

2 comments on “Day 6 – Friday 29th

  1. Thiaga
    December 1, 2013

    Great job Anne Marie. Surrender fish ๐ŸŸare a well known feature of that part of the world I am told. I also have it on good authority that they choose a better class of person to “surrender” to! We hope you guys were able to outrun or avoid the storm. No other boats around you! Yellowbrick is deceptively showing a carpark of yachts in that area all within touching distance of each other ๐Ÿ˜„. Enjoy.


  2. Cherry Priscott
    December 1, 2013

    Oh am loving your updates! What an amazing adventure you are on – hope the el dorado was tasty! We are well. Exchanged my golf for a VW Tiguan so ready for a Yorkshire winter. Daddy out every evening and sounds happy and I am busy baking for the big wedding – love you both lots xxxx Cherry


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