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Arrival in St Lucia!



Rounding-the-pointCrossing the finish line at Rodney Bay was a great moment. After being at sea for exactly 22 days, covering a distance of around 3,000nm (3,500 miles/5,700 km), we did it in style!

The last 4 days had been strong winds (Force 6/7 mainly), and big waves/swell (often 4-6m high), both from behind. This gets very wearing, and when at last the low cloud lifted and St Lucia came into view, the weather had one last fling. 5nm from the tip if land, a squall hit us with real ferocity. Torrential rain with winds gusting up to 48kn (55mph/88kph) gave us conditions beyond the autopilot(s) and we entered a fast rollercoaster ride for a while until it cleared. Fortunately we had only the (full) headsail out, so it was controllable.
Rounding the headland and Pigeon Island, the finish came into sight. We had been warned it would probably be a beat to the line, but we just pinched it on a close reach. However the wind got up, and we found ourselves tearing across the bay, barely in control with the guardrails (!) under water at times. The exhalation was witnessed by a professional photographer some of whose photos are shown.

Our entrance was witnessed, and we were amazed to get a radio call from friends who we had parted with in Portugal at the end of June. They were at anchor in the bay, but Jonathan & Karen (Farfeleu) and Ken & Wendy (Unleashed) were at the pontoon by the time we had tied up, and gave us a great welcome. By the evening, our supper group had grown to include some more ‘Rally Portugal’ teams, John & Joyce (Starblazer), Gary & crew (Arcarius), and Charles & crew (Webster). It was a brilliant evening even if we did start to fall asleep as the energy failed. Having been on UK time throughout, the 4 hour time difference finally hit home.

7 comments on “Arrival in St Lucia!

  1. Alison Boyes
    December 19, 2013

    Fantastic. Congratulations. We have been following your progress with much admiration!! Have a super Christmas and we look forward to tracking your travels round the Caribbean. Thinking of you.

    John & Alison


  2. Cherry
    December 19, 2013

    FABULOUS BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! Wow and scary to think you were ploughing through rougher seas than even this! You are both amazing people. Love you loads Cherry and Paul xxx


  3. Andy & Heather
    December 20, 2013

    Well done guys, what an achievement ! It was worth all that hard work for those amazing photos, love to you both Merry Christmas and very much looking forward to seeing you both in the New Year.

    Andy & Heather xx

    PS Don’t forget Steve gets a migraine with too much rum !!


  4. Doreen
    December 21, 2013

    Congratulations,so pleased you both arrived safely, I really do admire what you have achieved, Love your pics, comments. Have a brilliant Christmas abd a fab New Year.
    Love Doreen x


  5. Andrew Thorlby
    December 21, 2013

    Liked your blog and fascinated by your adventure, I hope that we can meet up in 2014 and you can share more!


  6. Dick Lloyd-Williams
    December 21, 2013

    Dick Lloyd-Williams (Annemarie’s dad)

    Terrific congratulations. What a wonderful adventure for two very special determined and courageous people – the climax of years of planning, saving and training. All your family must be very proud of you – we certainly are.


  7. Alison Coleman
    December 23, 2013

    Congratulations guys, what a fantastic achievement!! Can’t believe you have gone all that way! So pleased to see you arrived safely. Hope you both have a fabulous Christmas. Lots of love Alison x


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