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Merry Christmas!

imageimageThank you for all the great messages via blog, email and Facebook! It is a constant source of both amazement and encouragement as to the number of friends keeping up with our wanderings.

There is something slightly surreal about it being only 2 days to Christmas, and it being 30 degrees. As I write this, there is a reggae boom-box hammering out its beat on the spray hood whilst it’s owner and his lady clean and polish the boat for us. Vision is one happy man, singing out to the music as he works.

So today is final shopping for food for the next few days before we sail out to Pigeon Island for Christmas. There are a group of friends that we met on ARC Portugal who are all getting together on the beach there, plus a few other crews hoping to join us. I know this is nothing unusual to our Southern Hemisphere friends, but it sure is different for us!

There are also still a few bits and pieces to fix follow the crossing, blocked hoses, generator not running, etc. Everything here is done on Caribbean time. The nearest equivalent is mañana, but that is a term implying too much haste for these islands. Difficult to get critical when we struggle to do jobs in the heat 🙂

So we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have a great break with your families.

One comment on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Jo kimber
    December 25, 2013

    I wish you both a lovely Christmas. I was telling my son Elliot about your travels and he is amazed what you are doing and jealous! He’s only 14- do you need a helper!?



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