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False start to Dominica!

imageimageHaving allowed ourselves to get stuck for a while in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, it was time to move on. The plan was to leave the marina and wander down to Marigot Bay for the night before heading up to Dominica.

Best laid plans, etc, the engine would not start? Normally it fires up promptly, but today zilch. Tried all the usual tricks,then called for the engineer, who got not further. Rang my guru, Bernard, and tried his ideas, nada…

Somehow it looks as if the injection pump has lunched itself despite the engine having been almost faultless for the last 5,000nm.

Not too many Ford Escort parts around here, so options somewhat limited, as the bits have to come from the UK.

Anyway, whilst working out what to do, Jonathan and Karen very kindly invited us to to join them sailing up to Martinique for a few days.

We have just succumbed to impetuous temptation, having been looking in windows in Marin marina, and Freebooter is to get a late Christmas present of a nice shiny new Yanmar engine next week……

One comment on “False start to Dominica!

  1. Thiaga
    December 31, 2013

    Good to hear from you and lucky Freebooter. A step up from a Ford Escort based engine to something much more in keeping with an ocean going yacht. Freebooter is clearly well trained and very well behaved – failing in port as opposed to out on the ocean wave! A Yanmar diesel? (Not up on things sea going).

    Have a great New Year’s eve and 2014.


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