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Slow Progress – Caribbean Style at Marin

Marin  is a town at the South-Western tip of Martinique. It has a modest marina (expensive option), most yachts choosing to anchor just outside it (for free!). Going for a wander, we found an old church and a couple of offices. So having fully described the town centre, mention should be made of the other parts of town. There is a microscopic Carrefour, a Macdonalds and another ‘supermarket’, and most importantly a couple of chandlers. However there are lots of small places of all sorts to eat out at.

So being stuck in the marina for the best part of a week is a bit of a challenge. Actually just getting berthed here was enough of a challenge, as we were asked by the engineers to move up close to the marina so that the latter could send out assistance to tow us into the marina. We were helped by a couple of chaps just arrived from Cape Verde. They made us feel we had had it easy, James on Ocean Rainbow having had Clare, his wife, break her wrist mid-ocean, and Jon on Hecla having crossed single-handed! Thanks guys, your help was much appreciated.

Astonishingly, on their way, James and Clare had met up with William and Clare (Melos), friends of ours who we last saw in Bayona in June.

Chaos followed the guys heading back, as no marina support materialised. So in desperation, we tied our dinghy alongside and had to try  to do it on our own. Not easy when you have to raise the anchor, control the yacht and power/steer the dinghy as well as throw lines to people on the pontoon. Brilliant teamwork again saved the day, especially by Annemarie, but I would not like to have to repeat it.

Anyway, more importantly, our new engine is sitting in its new home, just waiting to be connected up! Current ETC is  now Tuesday, but then we have to have a temporary lift to re-set the propellor. Progress is in Caribbean time, but the emphasis is on quality rather than haste, which is no bad thing.

The weekend was a festival, with yole racing, music and dancing. Lots of small food stalls,  and what looked to be low-level gambling with dice on tables. The stage show was spectacular with a very high energy display by an island troupe of history and more risqué elements! The dancers were astonishingly athletic and skilful, with rapid costume changes and non-stop activity for what must have been close to an hour. Great entertainment!

To our friends back in the UK, we commiserate with the weather, which sounds pretty awful.

One comment on “Slow Progress – Caribbean Style at Marin

  1. Manny
    January 20, 2014

    Fingers crossed for your new engine ETA…though has anyone specified which Tuesday? 😉


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