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St Lucia Tragedy

Thanks to everyone who emailed, posted and phoned. The news of the attack on an English couple in Soufriere Bay came as a real shock to the boating community here. The bay is a well-used anchorage for climbing the Pitons, and is on our list of stops when we head South.

The couple are not known to us, albeit that they live not far away it seems. Our hearts go out to the injured surviving wife and their family.

We were actually only a few miles further north on the island that night, but I guess we should put some context to all of this. Yachts represent unimaginable wealth to people who have  very little. The communities recognise that we are a very valuable part of the economy, and go to great lengths to be welcoming and friendly. However as with all societies, there are a tiny minority of miscreants who care not for their neighbours, and will steal for a quick buck. Such cases are extremely rare, other than in known risk spots, and the communities quickly turn on the abusers. Two people are already helping the police apparently.

In addition to offering sympathy to the family, we also feel for the community, for whom this is also a real tragedy.

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