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Wifi Hunting

Wifi Hunting


Everything Works!

Everything Works!

At last we get to leave Marin! There were various teething bits to resolve with the fitting of the new engine, mainly to do with various electrical bits not doing what they were supposed to.

For the techies, there was real alternator hassle, so we ended up designing brackets to fit a 2nd alternator. Wiring finished this morning and it all works!!! Hooray!

Never mind, we got to spend a couple of days anchored off St Anne, mainly swimming and barnacle bashing. The little blighters attach themselves despite the copper anti-fouling and the ultrasonic deterrents, both of which are meant to repel such alien life-forms. Never mind, it is not too much of a chore in the warm water, and they come off easily enough.

Actually, so does the skin if you don’t use a piece of wood, as ‘fingerless’ Annemarie will attest…..

I was dragged to the barbers this morning, and now have been heavily shorn. The rugged windswept look has been binned in favour of the casual unkempt 🙂

How do you like the local wifi café?

We spent a very pleasant evening with Charlie and Kate (Webster), in Marin Bay, and hope to catch up with them again in Dominica. That is our next real destination, all being well,  although we will have a couple of stops on the way.

4 comments on “Escape!

  1. Thiaga
    January 25, 2014

    Cool WiFi cafe and the engine looks like it belongs. Dual alternators – you power hungry pair!! Bon voyage to Dominica and keep the stories coming.


  2. Anne vestey
    January 25, 2014

    Am really enjoying your trip and thought your St Lucia Blog was sad but very balanced We are at Gatwick about to fly to st Barts tomorrow for 2 weeks do you sail there? Would be fantastic to coo next. We actually fly to Antigua but only change planes. Keep up the diary and have fun Anne


  3. Amanda cully
    January 31, 2014

    Not been following so far, but now in Antigua and hoping that you are going to be stopping here on your way north. We are here in jolly harbour till the end of March. Do please get in touch. Free berth and shower available. Continue having fun.


    • fb425
      February 2, 2014

      Hi Amanda

      Great to hear from you! We are enjoying a brisk sail up to Les Saintes/Guadeloupe, and Antigua is on the itinerary. Many thanks for the invite, we will catch up with you guys hopefully very soon.

      Steve & Annemarie


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